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David Visser has assumed the position of President at Amazing Media, Inc.  Visser's background is varied with a mixture of business and his love for aviation. In his early 20's, Visser ran a successful aviation sightseeing business in order to build flight hours toward becoming a corporate pilot. Visser now pilots the Piaggio Avanti II. 

Visser is considered the highest time Piaggio pilot in the world, logging over 6,700 hours in this aircraft type alone. He has held the position of Chief Pilot in the last three companies he has flown for.

He holds separate degrees in Aviation Management/Flight Operations and Business Administration/Finance with independent studies in the Futures Markets.

Visser has successfully traded commodities for several private investors and still trades privately to this day. 

"People ask me if flying is exciting.  My response is no, flying should never be exciting.  Let’s keep it as uneventful as possible.  Now commodities trading, that's exciting!'"

He is also President of Avanti Traders Group. A company supplying non-scheduled air charters for specific private clients. Visser is currently working on another blockbuster hit with William Shatner, Christopher Lloyd, Jean Smart and Esai Morales. The film is titled "Senior Moment" and is due out in March 2021.

Visser has also produced an Indie film dealing with the effects of bipolar disease in an attempt to draw attention to mental health. The film has currently won three awards in the past year to include. Best Picture, Best Drama and Most Human. See https://donovan.vhx.tv/


I met Rodney Stone several years ago at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  We got to talking about his ownership in the Pistol Pete Film; ‘The Pistol, The Birth of a Legend’.  I immediately saw the potential to remarket the film.  There was a whole new crop of kids out there that didn't know the Pistol Pete story.  Pete's desire was to get the movie into every child’s hands to motivate them to be the best they could be in whatever avenue they pursued.

When the founding members asked me to take over as President of Amazing Media, Inc; I jumped at the chance.  The story of Pistol Pete is timeless. Each generation can learn from his hard work and dedication to what he loved, the sport of Basketball.


Please read the Bios  about our Executive Director and Director/Screenplay Writer.  Their depth and knowledge of the film industry is outstanding.  We are currently working on the later story of Pistol Pete.  The one where he breaks the NCAA record and his NBA career.

Pete lived his life according to what he called the 3 Ds.  Desire, Discipline, and Dedication. 


We hope you enjoy our films and books.  Go Ahead!  "Live your life in 3D!"

“Dave Visser has been a catalyst in breathing new life into "The Pistol" The Birth Of A Legend.”
~Rodney Stone

Rodney Stone was very disillusioned by his film that had inspired so many people such as Alex Kendrick who after seeing The Pistol in 1991 was inspired to produce such movies as Facing The Giant, Fireproof & Courageous. Stone confessed that in 1991 the film was not welcome in Hollywood because 87% of films that were released that year were rated R, PG13 & NC17. So why 20 years later has Visser invested in turning the film around? 

Dave is a visionary and knows that Pete Maravich is a historical figure in sports history. After all Hollywood Reporter wrote in 1991 that Stone had created a new market in G rated films but oddly enough most people have never heard of the film so why not put it out in the newly recognized market of Family Films. “Hey it's not like raising the Titanic, James Cameron did that!” Visser acknowledges with a grin.  "The Pistol" The Birth OF A Legend is a film that will grow like Christmas Story and as his record continues to grow so does Visser’s hopes for the rebirth. The film is part of sports history. After all, the 8th grade which is what the movie covers is where Pete started wearing those Floppy socks & don't forget that his sports record next March Madness has never been broken. “I'm hanging on for the long haul, you know the ‘50th’, which is just 1 short year away. I knew that Charles Barkley already endorsed the film and why Michael Jordan spent time with Adam Guier after the film came out. Both knew that Pete Maravich’s legendary style of play was not going away. It's like the world champion Mavericks player who stated; We can thank Pete Maravich for how the NBA is played today.” Visser says;  “Who knows, in year 2019 we may come out with the ‘50th Edition’ of The Pistol so hang on to the copy you are about to buy.”


Rodney Stone is the youngest of three brothers who got their start in music at the ages 3, 4, and 5 singing tight harmonies in church with all three playing trumpets. Loving the style of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, the Stone brothers knew they were not going to be your usual Southern gospel music group. They carved a pop sound that allowed them to have their own style and by the time they became college students at Samford University in 1977, they were booked five years in advance to sold out events. In 1981, the Stone brothers group disbanded in order to go back to school and further their education, but Rodney decided to travel to Hollywood with dreams of becoming an actor.

Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth gave Rodney his first part on the series, Designing Women, with the episode entitled, The IT Men. It continues to be one of the show's most watched episodes. Though he loved acting, Stone soon realized his gift was in marketing and distribution. In 1986, Barry Reardon, President of Warner Brothers Pictures, recognized Stone's talent and hired him to put together a marketing plan for the feature, The Mission. The production had a $40 million dollar budget and starred Robert DeNiro and Jeremy Irons. The film was a critical success including multiple Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations and wins, including the prestigious Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Stone also consulted for Hallmark Cards and was a key advisor in helping to create Hallmark Pictures and Television. Stone is known as an innovator in the family films genre and recognized as a leader in creating this market. In addition to Warner Brothers, Stone has worked for NBC, CBS, HBO and was VP of Premier Pictures Releasing Corporation.
In 1991, Stone Co-Produced the feature film on the life of basketball legend, Pete Maravich entitled, The Pistol – Birth of a Legend. Stone played a key role in the marketing of the film and The Hollywood Reporter noted that through corporate sponsorship, it was to date the most innovative way to release a major motion picture. The film has been mentioned by other filmmakers as having a significant influence on their own desire to produce inspirational movies including Alex Kendrick, who created the films, Courageous, Fireproof and Facing the Giants.

This year, Stone has Co-Executive Produced two films. The first is the final days of Hank Williams entitled, The Last Ride, directed by Harry Thomason. The second, Last Ounce of Courage, is directed by his longtime business partner, Darrel Campbell, and will have a wide theatrical release in September.

Rodney Stone & Darrel Campbell on the set for Last Ounce of Courage.

Another chapter in the life of Pete Maravich entitled, Heir to the Dreamer, is currently in development with Stone as Executive Producer as well as several other features.

Screenwriter- Actor - Director - Producer

Darrel Campbell   dcampbellwriter@hotmail.com  

After a decade as a professional TV and film actor in New York City, Darrel began a writing career in Los Angeles working for NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  He developed literary, film and video products for Pistol Pete Enterprises which included authoring the best-selling sports biography, HEIR TO A DREAM; a “Gold Medallion” book award winner for excellence.  He also produced and wrote MARAVICH MEMORIES, a documentary on Pistol Pete’s record-breaking and historic LSU years.   He produced the successful four-DVD instructional series; HOMEWORK BASKETBALL with Pete Maravich; distributed by ESPN home video. 

After writing and producing the hit family film, THE PISTOL:Birth of a Legend, starring NICK BENEDICT,  Darrel was hired by WIND DANCER  &  WALT DISNEY TELEVISION to help develop new television products including NBC’s CAROL AND COMPANY starring CAROL BURNETT, JEREMY PIVEN, RICHARD KIND, ANITA BARONE, TERRY KISER and PETER KRAUSE.  Darrel wrote the premiere episode for the show.

After two years working as an executive story editor for WIND DANCER and Matt Williams, Darrel worked as comedy writer for Disney and ABC’s HOME IMPROVEMENT, starring TIM ALLEN.   Darrel signed a creative deal with Disney and wrote a feature film for TOUCHSTONE and a comedy pilot called CHILDHOOD for WALT DISNEY TV.  He was hired by Disney Animation to write the TV spin-off of THE LION KING.   Darrel wrote the premiere episode of The LION KING’S TIMON AND PUMBAA, starring NATHAN LANE, which aired on CBS, then ABC Saturday mornings.  

Darrel is a freelance writer, director and producer who has developed and produced several projects of late including an adaptation of Kate Wiggin’s classic book, THE BIRD’S CHRISTMAS CAROL; co-written by Emmy winner, Susan Rohrer.   Darrel also wrote and produced the family film, REDEMPTION OF THE GHOST, starring JOHN SAVAGE, RACHEL HUNTER, DIANE LADD AND ALEXANDRA PAUL. 

Darrel developed and wrote screenplays for CGI animated DVD’s entitled DAVID & NOAH.   He directed and wrote the screenplay for LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE, an independent feature film starring JENNIFER O’NEIL, JENNA BOYD, FRED WILLIAMSON and MARSHALL TEAGUE.   In Darrel also wrote the novelization of the film.   Darrel’s show business experience includes songwriting, music producing, screenwriting, producing, stand-up comedy, consulting as well as acting and directing for film, television, video and the theater.   He is presently developing films for Veritas Films, writing books, developing Television pilots and writing animation for Warner Brothers.

Darrel Campbell & Pistol Pete Maravich